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General Assistance (GA) is a township-administered program designed to assist persons who are unemployed and actively seeking employment or who are waiting for other state or federal benefits and do not have the resources to provide for basic needs. Basic needs may include shelter, food, household supplies, utilities, personal essentials, and other expenses deemed essential to the health and well-being of the family.

The GA program is a public assistance program mandated by state law for qualified individuals. GA can only be provided to residents residing within Berwyn Township who are 18 or older, a United States citizen or qualifying immigrant, and not eligible for other state or federal monetary benefits. GA can provide monthly payments to help individuals meet basic needs. Applicants will be required to complete an application and provide the necessary forms and documentation before assistance eligibility can be established.

  • Assistance to file: “ACCESS TO CARE” application 
      • A non-profit primary healthcare program offering low-cost healthcare services for low-income, uninsured individuals, or those insured with a $1,500 or higher deductible, residing in suburban Cook County. This program is available to individuals who are ineligible for public health programs such as Medicaid and Medicare. Benefits include primary care physician visits, labs and x-rays, prescription medications, and more.
      • For help with filling out your application, please call to schedule an appointment with the GA Coordinator at (708)765-4516.
  • GA Forms

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  • ABE Illinois
        • The Access to Care (ATC) program is administered by the Suburban Primary Health Council. ATC is a non-profit primary health care program for residents of suburban Cook County and northwest Chicago who are lower-income, uninsured, and underinsured. ATC has proudly served our communities since 1988. Access to Care partners with physicians and hospitals all across suburban Cook County to offer healthcare services to our members. Access to Care welcomes all residents in our service area regardless of their race, age, religion, country of origin, gender identity, orientation, physical and mental ability, or immigration status.
  • CEDA
        • The Community and Economic Development Association of Cook County, Inc. (CEDA) is one of the largest private, nonprofit Community Action Agencies in the country, serving residents throughout Cook County, Illinois.  We serve more than 300,000 people and more than 150,000 households every year.
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